Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lilium and other lilies

According to Wikipedia, Lilium, a true lily, comprise a genus of about 110 species in the lily family (Liliaceae). Many other plants exist with "lily" in the common English name, some of which are quite unrelated to the true lilies. For instance, the Daylily (Hemerocallis) is not considered a 'true' lily. Nor are Peruvian Lilies (Alstroemeria) true lilies.

But for today, I consider all these to be lilies -- beautiful, colourful lilies. Hope you find them pleasing.

Orange Daylilies
Orange Daylilies

Orange lilies (Lilium maculatum)
Orange lilies (Lilium maculatum)

Yellow Daylilies)
Yellow Daylilies

Burgundy Daylily)
Burgundy Daylily and friend

Red Daylily)
Red Daylily

Orange Daylily)
Orange Daylily

Salmon coloured Lilies)
Salmon coloured Lilies

Red Daylilies)
Red Daylilies

I hope you enjoyed the various Lily images.

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