Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some new Photo Art images

I recently discovered a wonderful tutorial for creating watercolor images in PhotoShop. I've really liked the results I've been achieving with the new technique as well as the numerous compliments I've received on images I've created with this new technique. So I suspect I'll being keeping it in my digital art toolbox.

I am often asked if I sell my images, both photographs and digital artwork. While I have had one or two sales, I've not done much to promote the sale of my work. In an attempt to increase my chances of making a sale, I have recently joined RedBubble.

What is RedBubble I hear you ask? RedBubble is an online community of creative people that allows them to exchange ideas and knowledge and sell their art through a common marketplace where RedBubble handles packaging and shipments.

I've completed a new batch of Photo Art. Below are three images that are now available for sale through RedBubble. Clicking on any image will bring you to the RedBubble page where that image is available for sale as greetings cards, matted prints, laminated prints and more.

Pink begonias
Pink Begonia watercolour

Clipper (Parthnos sylvia)
Clipper (Parthnos sylvia)

La Sauvagine, Rue St-Paul, Vieux Montreal
La Sauvagine, Rue St-Paul, Vieux Montreal

If you have time, please check out my profile and portfolio at RedBubble. You can do so by clicking on any of the images above or this RedBubble icon.

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