Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A visit to Ireland - Day 1

Royal Irish Tours
Royal Irish Tours

Back in at the end of May, Marilyn and I took one of our "Trip of a Lifetime" trips to visit Ireland. (I say 'one of' because we hope to be able to take several more.)

We choose Royal Irish Tours because of recommendations of friends and because they appeared to have the most extensive and inclusive trip. They offer several different packages. The tour we chose was the Shamrock Royal.

The first day of the tour was spent recuperating from the overnight flight out of Toronto to Dublin. But we still managed some site-seeing.

Irish Sea
Cliffs over looking the Irish Sea - Malahide Co Dublin

Beacon House
Beacon House out on Baily road overlooking Dublin Harbour

Grand Hotel

Our Hotel - Grand Hotel - Malahide, Co. Dublin

This was an amazing experience for us, one we will never forget. (And to ensure that I took a fair amount of photos to help remind us. (smile))

I'll post additional photos in the future from the other 14 days we spend on the Emerald Isle.

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Other images taken on our first day in Ireland can be seen in my Day 1 - 30 May 2009 - Arrived in Dublin gallery.

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