Monday, July 5, 2010


Irises -- One of my favourite flowers.

I've always thought of irises as the poor man's orchid. I've been real lucky this year in that I've had some gorgeous irises growing just in front of my home.

White Purple Iris)
White and Purple Iris

There is a stand of mauve and purple irises growing at the corner of my block. Problem was there was usually a strong breeze blowing that made it quite difficult to capture the flowers without blurring.

Purple Irises)
Purple Irises

I found some more of the dark purple irises a few blocks away. This colour always make me think of the royal purple worn by ancient Roman Emperors

Purple Iris)
Purple Iris

I have a wonderful neighbour who plants and maintains the many beautiful flowers that grow in my front yard. She planted one of the most uniquely coloured irises I've ever seen -- burnt orange is the best colour description I can come up with.

Burnt orange Iris)

Burnt orange Iris)
Burnt orange Iris

Iris season has come and gone. Until they come back agan next spring, I'll have these photos to look at and enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed the images.

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