Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glorious Red

Burning Bush
Burning Bush (Euonymous alatus)

Every year around this time, I go off with my camera to try and find glorious Fall colours. This year was no exception. For me, what makes the colours glorious is an abundance of red.

Red leaves
Red leaves

So this year, off I went into Montreal and headed up to Parc Mont Royal. To be honest, it was less than impressive. Even Beaver Lake was being drained.

But all was not lost. Here and there, there were reds to be found.
Sometimes a solitary Maple . . .

Red Maple leaves
Red Maple leaves

Sometimes it was a building detail . . .

Public building at Beaver Lake - Mont Royal
Public building at Beaver Lake - Mont Royal

Sometimes it was Ivy on a fence . . .

Ivy on fence
Ivy on fence at Notre Dame des neiges cemetery

Or growing up a wall . . .

Ivy on a crypt
Ivy on a crypt at Notre Dame des neiges cemetery

And then there are the bushes . . .

Red bushes

Red bush
Red bushes

While there may not have been an abundance of Glorious colours out there this year, if you looked carefully, you could still find some.

Hope you enjoyed the images.

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