Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carillon, Quebec

Hydro dam
Panorama created from 8 - 12meg landscape oriented images of the
Hydro Quebec Dam on the Ottawa river between Carillon and Hudson, Quebec

When we headed up to Ottawa for the Tulip festival, we took a different route than we would normally travel. We traveled along the north shore of the Ottawa river in Quebec. As a result we stopped in Carillon, Quebec, where I took the photos used to create the above panorama.

Looking south across the Ottawa river, you see Pointe Fortune, Quebec.
Pointe Fortune, Quebec
Point Fortune, Quebec.

There is a canal and lock (Carillon canal & Carillon Lock) that permits ship traffic to by-pass the dam. You can see them in of the right side of the panorama above. The following shows the approach to the canal.

Pointe Fortune, Quebec
Approach to the Lock of the Carillon Canal - Carillon, Quebec

On our return from Ottawa, we took route 17 which allow us to stop of the south-side of the Ottawa river to take one last photo of the hydro dam.

Hydro dam
Hydro Quebec Dam on the Ottawa river between Carillon and Hudson, Quebec

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