Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo Art


In a previous post, I mentioned that I had developed an interest in Photo Art. I suspect that a number of you were scratching you head and asking, "What's Photo Art?"

The best definition of the term that I've come across was written by Danny Raphael on the RetouchPro forums. He wrote, [Photo Art is] "Art that is created using computer software in which a photo image is used as a basis or reference."

My interest in Photo Art grew out of my trying to create images for use on note cards that looked more like paintings than photographs. Built-in tools, plug-ins and scripts in PaintShop Pro were what I used initially. To that I've since added two great software, one free and one very inexpensive.

Fotosketcher is the free software. An amazing little software that creates realistic painted images. The following is an example of an image created in FotoSketcher with some post processing done in PaintShop Pro.

White Rose

White Rose

The other software is Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP). I can not praise this software enough. Use the link to see just how amazing this software is. And then download the trial version. There is a support forum
where users share different templates and techniques as well as post examples of their finished work.

The first image in today's post (Phalaenopsis) and the next (Daisies) were both created using DAP with some additional post processing tweaks in Paintshop Pro.



Remember that clicking on any image on this page will open the image in my Smugmug site, where you can view a larger version. Please use your browser's "Back" button to return to the Blog. Other Photo Art images can be seen in my Photo Art gallery.

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  1. I am liking this painted stuff Gene!


  2. Thanks Rikk.

    And I see you still take gorgeous images of waterfalls. [smile]

  3. Gorgous site.

    I found you from a forum here:

    In it, your're asking Denise for help in implementing current-page highlighting. I'm googling John Friend and looking for his tutorial, but not finding it. Do you have a web adress for it, or any other tips? I see your blog is highlighting the current page.

    I've tried various methods from info I'd gotten off the internet. I can't make it work yet. And the info isn't explicit enough as to where to place these things in the template. These people are apparently far more polished and sophisticated about blogging than I.

    My music blog isn't set up to recieve corresponcence of any kind. It's in the making still, (just in case you press on some music and nothing loads and an ugly google player pops up.)

    Sorry to fill up your comments section with my totally unrelated mumbo. I'd understand if you just deleted all this. But can you contact me somehow? By email? Or here?

    Thanks. And sorry again.

  4. Really appreciate you checking out thsi site and leaving your comments.

    You'll find John Friend's great tutorial here.

    And you'll find the work-around I accidentally discovered to get the highlights to work on the blog here.

    Hopefully these links work. and thsi has been helpful.