Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Light and Shadow

Shadow Tree
Shadow tree - Corner of Tupper and St-Mathieu -Downtown Montreal

Back in May I walked around downtown Montreal trying to get images that fit a photography Challenge theme of 'Light & Shadow'. The above photo was my sure-fire winning entry. It received lots of nice comments but wasn't the winner. Oh well, next time. (smile)

But it was different, at least for me, going out trying to find subjects that fit a theme rather than shooting whatever caught my eye. Okay so I did that too. (Smile) But the majority of the shots taken that day were theme shots.

Shadow leaves
Shadow leaves

Shadow flower box
Shadows on a flower box

And then there is light - back light that is.

Fountain of Light
Fountain of Light

Fountain of Light
Fountain of Light close-up

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Other images taken during my walk around Montreal can be seen in my Light & Shadows around Montreal - 21 May 2009 gallery.

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