Monday, October 20, 2008


Rainbow Falls
Lower waterfalls along the
Hewitson River, Rainbow
Falls Provincial Park

I love waterfalls. There is something about falling water, the texture, the patterns formed as it moves rapidly or slowly over the rocks and down through space.

Kakabeka Falls
Kakabeka Falls

There is beauty to be seen in the power of a waterfall in spring as it roars with the full throat of snow melts. Or in the delicate spiderweb design that is created in a small creek that trickles across the rocks.
On our trip to Thunder Bay we saw a wide variety of waterfalls, both in Ontario as well as Minnesota.

You can see other images of waterfalls in these two galleries:
- Ontario waterfalls
- Minnesota waterfalls

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Thanks for looking.


  1. We agree with you! Waterfalls and water is amazing both to admire in nature and to capture in a photo.
    Which you have done very nicely!

  2. Thanks for the kinds words, frame adn shot

  3. Them's some mighty familiar waterfalls Gene :). I agree too, waterfalls are great subjects, it's hard to pass one by. Welcome to the blogosphere.


  4. Thanks Ron. Both for the comment and the link off your blog.