Friday, March 13, 2015

Attempt at licensing update


About a month ago, I posted a blog post talking about my first entry into the world of image licensing. (See post dated 14 February 2015)

In the past month since joining PicFair, I've uploaded 53 images to the site. As I mentioned on my previous post, if the site's moderators really like your image, they award it a Star. You don't need to remove those images that were not starred, but they do affect the number of images that you can upload. So I decided to delete any image I upload that does not receive that coveted Star. This has resulted in the deletion of 21 images, leaving as of today (13 March 2015) 32 images on my PicFair page. Have not yet made my first Million doing this. In fact, haven't even made my first penny, but one must try. (Smile)

I did notice a flurry of activity on one particular image very recently.

Abbey Lane

Abbey Lane

This was one of the first images I uploaded to the site. While the images I uploaded at the same time have on average eight views, the number of views this image has received has jumped to 46! Almost 40 views in under two days! Have no idea why? But I do like knowing that one of my images has attracted the attention of a good number of viewers. My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to look at any of my images.

Before I close, I'd like to show three more of my images that recently received that wonderful Star.

bell peppers

Sweet Bell Peppers


Nearing Harvest

Russeltown Protestant Church

The Little White Church on the Hill

Clicking on any of the above images will bring you to my PicFair pages where one could, if they so desired, license the above images. Please feel free to leave comments here on the blog.

Thanks for looking. And please stop by again

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