Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Okay I know. I'm really bad at this blogging thing. But I'm hoping you'll enjoy today's entry so much, you'll overlook how bad I am in doing this on a regular basis.

Spring has once again Sprung. (At least that's what the calendar states. One would not be certain of that fact if one was to rely on what one sees out the window.) And it being Springs means that the Butterflies have returned to the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Yay!

But this blog entry is not about the flutterbys, but about some of the beautiful flowers I saw while visiting the Gardens to see the butterflies. (Don't worry. there will be a separate blog entry about the butterflies.)

The first thing you see as you head to the butterfly hothouse is the begonias. Pink, blues, white, they are a cheery sight to see.

Begonias - Montreal Botanical Gardens

I came across a new to me flower - Calathea - tiny little pink flowers that didn't measure two inches across.
Calathea - Montreal Botanical Gardens

And each time I visit, I am eager to see if any of the cactus in the next room are in bloom. I was not to be disappointed this trip.

Pink Cactus flower - Montreal Botanical Gardens
Pink Cactus Flower

Came across a flowering Aloe plant standing in front a blue door. Just couldn't pass up the opportunity to record the colour combination.
Flowering Aloe - Montreal Botanical Gardens
Flowering Aloe

After the butterflies, I always go check out the Orchid hothouse. Not sure, but I think they had problem about four years ago, because from one year to the next, the orchid population on display drastically shrunk. But since then, the exhibit has been stronger each year.

My favourite orchids - Phalaenopsis -- were in abundance again this year. I had fun attempting some clear sharp macro close-ups. I'll let you be the judge if I was successful or not.

Pink Phalaenopsis - Montreal Botanical Gardens
Pink Phalaenopsis

They have a good variety of different types of orchids. This one is a Paphiopedilum.
Paphiopedilum (Enchantress) - Montreal Botanical Gardens

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Visiting the Botanical Gardens during February and March is a great way to spend several hours away from the blustery Winter weather outside.

I must add that some of the prettiest flowers I saw on my last visit weren't in any of the hothouses, but rather were for sale in the Garden's Boutique located in the front of the building.

Pale Yellow Gerbera - Montreal Botanical Gardens
Pale Yellow Gerbera

Hope you enjoyed the images.

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Other floral images taken during my visits to the Botanical Gardens this year can be seen in either my 17 February visit or my 17 March visit galleries. Please feel free to leave comments here on the blog, in my Guestbook or in the photo gallery.

Thanks for looking. And please stop by again.

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