Saturday, February 21, 2009

Out and about in Montreal

Ste Catherine street
Ste-Catherine street looking west towards Mackay

I love Montreal. I love walking about the city capturing its buildings, its people, its character.

Along Rene Levesque
      Along Rene Levesque Blvd

I had some time last October to spend a good part of the day in Montreal. One of the purposes of this trip was to take some 'street photography' photos for a photo newsgroup challenge.

Dorchester Square
Dorchester Square

While I enjoy looking at this type of photography, it is not a form I feel comfortable doing. So it was for me a bit of a stretch.
Having only a vague idea of what I was looking for, I started snapping 'people shots'. I was lucky that it was early in the morning and most people were intent on getting to work.

Ste Catherine street
Jogging at the light - Ste-Catherine street

Ste Catherine street
Heavy load - Ste-Catherine street

Ste Catherine street
Ste-Catherine Near Guy

Ste Catherine street
Ste-Catherine and Guy

There were a lot more images taken that day. But they'll be subjects for other blogs.

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Other photos taken on this walkabout can be seen in my Walkabout Montreal - 17 October 2008 gallery.

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